Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rice Bran Nutritional Information!

Hey there, you might be wondering what are rice bran and the nutritional information that they might hold for you. Well wonder no more because I'm gonna shed some light and show you want it is all about and how it can be immensely good for your health as well!

Rice bran generally contains a good amount of vitamins and fiber. It can be mixed and eased into your smoothies or cereals and can be consumed in any of your meals in the day. If you're wondering about taste, let me tell you it is not too bad! Besides bran are LOW in calories so for the weight conscious, this is an excellent food source.

Of course, as I'm sure you're already aware, fiber is good for your digestive system and in maintaining good bowel movements.

It is made up of husk and germ of rice and is producted when brown rice is milled in white rice. Originally seen as animal feed at best, its health properties and nutritional value are increasingly being verified by dietitians all over. Go on, grab some rice bran today! It should be widely available at all health stores or big super marts.